Dessin – La liberté


Dessin – La liberté” (Drawing – Freedom) is the very first wraps of “Drawings”, the collection inspired by the oldest artistic gesture performed by man since the dawn of time: the tracing of the shapes of objects and living beings to make life more beautiful and honor what is important for every culture.

Dessin – La liberté” is adorned with the motifs of birds spreading their wings on a beige background. They are a symbol of freedom, this exceptional state that gives us the opportunity to flourish, develop, and seek our own way according to our needs, abilities, and above all our will. Freedom is an exceptional gift, which must be cherished and transmitted to our children who also need the freedom to learn, grow and find their way.

The splendid “Dessin – La liberté” wrap offers you freedom of movement while remaining close to your baby, as well as a pure design and the best quality of fabric. Discover this very soft and beautiful wrap.

Dessin – La liberté” is made of 60% organic fair trade cotton (280 gsm), and of 40% of tussah silk. Thanks to this composition, it is very strong and also offers you the qualities specific to silk: softness, thermoregulation, and finesse. It is GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified and was woven on our own loom in France. Each wrap is cleaned with hot steam before being sent to its new home.

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