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Love is at the heart of Maison Croisette’s philosophy: the unconditional love of a parent for his/her child, the innate love of a child for his/her parent. La Maison Croisette combines this love for children with a love of beauty and nature. La Maison Croisette means original and high-end design, in the best French tradition of collaboration between the world of art and luxury craftsmanship. But it is also the highest quality of the materials used – organic, certified, and always from fairtrade and local sources.

Discover our WILD SLINGS collections

Wild Sling means quality above all else: the quality of the design, created by a passionate man, artist, and father of four children; the quality of the materials we’re using, often very original and always coming from fairtrade sources, certified and local if possible. Finally, it is the quality of the execution, since we have our own looms, which allows us to control the quality of work at all stages. Discover our unique and original collections, created in (very) limited series.

Discover our ROAR collections

ROAR takes you to the wonderful world of childhood. Its designs are like a joy transposed onto a sheet of paper, a hug from a teddy-bear friend, drawings in a favorite book, the closeness of a parent, and a sense of security. ROAR combines the quality of a simple, but well-thought and executed design, with the surprising choice of colors and the quality of materials, always respectful of the environment and ensuring the safety and comfort of the child and the parent. Discover the wonderful world of ROAR.

Discover our DISO collections

DISO offers you a journey through your dreams and passions – both those of your child-self and your adult-self. Find our “geek” collections inspired by the world of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Witcher or other popular culture phenomena (cinema, books, music …). But DISO also celebrates the “classical” arts, including music and the fine arts, as well as love – love of a parent in particular, and respect. Discover the amazing world of DISO.