La Reine


“La Reine” is a beautiful wrap, celebrating one of the most fascinating animals on Earth: the bee! The workload of bees is second to none. Their organization, dedication, and great cooperation abilities are just amazing and thanks to these features they are able to build something stunning. They all work for the common good – it really still fascinates me. Mother nature perfectly created these little insects that are so useful that the world could not exist without them. However, the efficient operation of the hive and the entire bee colony is supervised by someone special. Unique, proud, and revered. She is the queen of bees, the ruler of the entire hive. It is thanks to her dedication and love that everything works so smoothly. Queen means life, queen means future and prosperity. Therefore, she deserves due respect and privileges. Conscious of the burden of her duties, she is determined to ensure the prosperity of her hive. Do you also see how much the queen bee is like every mother? With the enthusiasm and persistence of a queen mother, they look after their families on a daily basis. They are responsible for their welfare, happiness, and love. Every day they wear an invisible crown that magically makes them much stronger than you might think. Indestructible and fearless. They are sure that they would do anything for their family. They know that with such great power comes a huge responsibility, but the love and respect they receive from their children and family compensate them for all their daily efforts.

“La Reine” is made of 40% of organic Pima cotton and of 60% of French organic linen. This noble blend, strong, and flexible, is perfect for both a small baby and a toddler. It is also nature friendly and thanks to the linen, perfect for hot summer days.

“La Reine” is available in the following sizes/models:

Size 8: 260 €
Size 7: 250 €
Size 6: 240 €
Size 5: 230 €
Size 4: 220 €
Size 3: 210 €
Ring Sling: 150 €

Blanket (100 cm long / full width of the wrap with a minky polar background): 70 €
Big blanket (200 cm long / 150 cm width with a minky polar background):
Scarf (190 cm long / 1/2 width of the wrap): 60 €
Shawl (150 cm long / full width of the wrap): 85 €
Backpack (gym bag with strings): 50 €
Nursing Sweat Dress (sizes XS-XXL, with two discreet zip pockets for nursing a baby, one “kangaroo” pocket, and a collar that can be easily transformed into a hood): 77 €
Nursing Sweatshirt (sizes XS-XXL, with two discreet zip pockets for nursing a baby, one “kangaroo” pocket, and a collar that can be easily transformed into a hood): 72 €

Our baby carriers are fully customizable, with a detached hat (made entirely out of the wrap) with or without ears.

Soft-structured ergonomic standard carrier* (for children sized 68-98; 6 months to 2 y.o., panel size under the knee about 37 cm, height 40 cm): 245 €
Soft-structured ergonomic vertically and horizontally adjustable carrier* (for children from size 68 until 4 y.o.): 270 €
Soft-structured ergonomic onbuhimo carrier* (for children sized 74-98/104, up to 30kg, it can be adjusted at the child’s legs 15-50cm, head, and in height 30-45cm): 200 €
Soft-structured ergonomic pocket carrier* (for children sized 68-104, it can be adjusted at the child’s legs and in height. The compact carrier does not have the hat and the waist belt is not padded. Thanks to that, it can be easily and quickly folded and taken anywhere): 180 €
Soft-structured adjustable doll carrier (panel size: 32 x 24 cm): 45 €
* Please note that carriers are recommended for children who can already sit by themselves, without back support. Carriers are made for request. Estimated time of realization: two weeks (delivery time not included).

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