Aquarelle – La tendresse


Aquarelle – La tendresse” is part of the “Aquarelles” (Watercolors) collection, inspired on the one hand by the beauty and lightness of works of art in this centuries-old technique, and on the other hand by love.
The splendid “Tendresse” (Tenderness) evokes these feelings, both sweet and intense: the love of a parent for his/her child, the tenderness of a hug, the patience of reading and re-reading the same story every evening, the joy of discovering the world through the eyes of the child and to make him/her discover the wonders of life.
“Tenderness” also means the gentle touch of a loved one because loving means touching: caressing, kissing, cuddling. It is also kindness to oneself, to rest, to breathe, to take care of oneself. And it is also benevolence towards the world around us, small gestures of respect for the planet, appreciating the immensity and beauty of Mother Nature.
Discover this wrap full of tenderness, its breathtaking softness and exceptional beauty.

Aquarelle – La tendresse” is made of organic, fairtrade cotton (275 gsm). It is GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified. It was woven on our loom and is decorated with handmade fringes (except the blankets). Each wraps is cleaned with hot steam before being sent to its new home.

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