Aquarelle – La protection

Aquarelle – La protection” (Watercolor – Protection), the brand new wrap from the “Watercolors” collection, honors the oak. This magnificent tree, which can live for several hundred years and reach an impressive size, is the symbol par excellence of strength and vitality. Considered sacred by many civilizations, the oak embodies benevolent power, protection, but also generosity and hospitality. Decorated with brick red oak leaves and acorns unfurling on a white background, this splendid wrap evokes the strength of parents who watch over their child, protect him/her and offer him/her a benevolent and loving environment to grow.

The vintage design of timeless beauty along with the extraordinary comfort of this wrap, will help you protect your child by giving him/her the closeness they so need and crave. “Aquarelle – La protection” is made of 60% organic fair trade cotton (280 gsm), and of 40% of tussah silk. Thanks to this composition, it is very strong and also offers you the qualities specific to silk: softness, thermoregulation, and finesse. It is GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certified and was woven on our own loom in France. Each wrap is cleaned with hot steam before being sent to its new home.

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