WILD SLINGS, DISO, and ROAR regularly offer pre-orders, where our fans can decide on the design, colors, compositions of the wraps to be made. You can also come up with your own design and (under certain conditions) we will help you turn your dreams into reality and make a perfect wrap, just as you have imagined it. Write to us to find out how to set up a pre-order.

The pre-orders presented below often come in several color and / or composition variations. To discover the details click on the photo. Some pre-orders are still in progress, so you can join the groups where fans discuss and decide on its designs.

WILD SLINGS Les ténèbres vs. Les frères de sang & Copper/Teal vs. Natural Tones

WILD SLINGS Les ténèbres vs. La forêt vierge & Menthe poivrée vs. Fruits de la forêt

DISO Ballon dream

ROAR Final Fantasy

DISO Montgolfière

DISO Baby Evolution Theory

DISO You’re the best!

DISO Ceramika Boleslawiec

DISO Le chat noir

DISO Vivaldi Spring

DISO Les Tournesols de Van Gogh

ROAR Tropical Sunset

ROAR Et hop !

ROAR Pigcorn

ROAR Love is Love

ROAR Bouquet de lavande

ROAR Son d’éléphant monochrome

ROAR Miau Miau vs. Hau Hau & Café au lait vs. Moutarde au Miel

ROAR Vive la France – Gourmand

ROAR Vive la France – Paris monuments

ROAR L’amour – Vive la France Crunch

ROAR L’amour – Vive la France

ROAR Otter Love

ROAR L’amour – Andrà tutto bene

ROAR Norse

ROAR Wroclaw

ROAR Progetto Bambuleddas

ROAR Fatato

ROAR Fantastic Skull

ROAR Mniam Mniam Summertime

ROAR Ocean Nymph

ROAR Quirky bandit lovers

ROAR Sakura

ROAR Portuguese Custom – Sardines

ROAR Barbe à papa

ROAR L’amour vintage

ROAR Panda Party

ROAR Dinosaurs

ROAR Crocodile

ROAR L’amour blink blink – Ballerina Pink

ROAR Warszawa