Wild Slings is a project born out of love – a father’s love for his children, a man’s love for our planet, an artist’s love for beauty. Wild Slings combines beautiful, expressive design, the emotional closeness that is the very essence of babywearing,  and respect for the environment.

Behind this concept – and the Wild Slings brand – there is a photographer, a designer, a tattoo artist. An animal lover, vegetarian, heavy metal enthusiast, esthete… But above all, father of four wonderful children, baby carrier activist, and supporter of the idea of ​​parental closeness.

All these values ​​have become for him a source of inspiration to create the Wild Slings brand, which combines the quality of the design and the tissues, the respect for the environment, which is reflected in particular by the use of ethical and certified tissues of the highest quality. Therefore, Wild Slings means original designs created with passion by one father for other modern parents and their children. Wild Slings is respectful of nature and wild.