Discover Our Baby Carriers

Here you will a few examples of our hand-made baby carriers. We pay particular attention to the quality of the work. in order to ensure the comfort and the safety of the babywearing (both for the child and for the parent). Our baby carriers are available in three models:

1. Soft-structured ergonomic standard carrier (for children of size 68-98; 6 months to 2 y.o.).

2. Soft-structured ergonomic vertically and horizontally adjustable carrier (for children from of size 68 upwards until 4 y.o.).

3. Soft-structured ergonomic onbuhimo carrier (for children of size 74-98/104, up to 30kg, it can be adjusted at child’s legs 15-50cm, head, and in high 30-45cm).

4. Soft-structured ergonomic pocket carrier (for children of size 68-104; it can be adjusted at child’s legs and in height; the belt and the shoulder straps are also adjustable. This pocket baby carrier does not possess a hood – contrary to our other carriers – and the waist belt is not padded. Therefore, the pocket carrier is easy to fold up and you can take it with you everywhere!)

Our baby carriers are fully customizable: you can choose the pattern(s) to put on the panel and the hood, the shape of the hood, and some additional decorative elements, such as cat / bear / rabbit ears. Choose your preferred Wild Slings, Roar, or Diso design (if available) and contact us to check availability and specify your order details.